A Christmas Party and Concert with David, Carolyn and Friends

December 16th and December 23rd

David and Carolyn Invite You to An Evening of Sacred Music and Christmas Carols

No earthly castle was prepared for the birth of the King. The King of Kings was not delivered with the help of royal midwives. Mary did not bring forth her Child lying on a feathered bed adorned with silken sheets. No, the Lamb of God was born as the virgin travailed lying in the fodder of the oxen’s stall. When she was delivered tattered rags not a royal robe wrapped the Newborn King. He was not cradled in a hand carved crib.The Baby Jesus slept in a feeding trough.

Each day living in such a beautiful place, I am humbled as I consider how the Lord gave us stewardship of River Spring Lodge. At His birth there was no room for Him. Carolyn and I will always make room for Jesus at this inn.

We hope you will join us this Christmas season for refreshments and a celebration of two miraculous births, the birth of the Savior and the rebirth of every child born into the family of God. With a few of my musician friends, I will be singing some of my original Sacred music from my next album. Then a special guest will lead us in a singalong of traditional Christmas carols in a celebration of the Savior’s birth. We would love to have you join us

Doors open at 6:00 for reftrshments. Warm cider, eggnog, cookies, coffee and tea will be served before and after the concerts. Seats are limited. Concert begins at 7:00. Please call Carolyn to reserve yours 585.708.4212

"Lovely Accommodations in a Beautiful Setting."
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