Greetings to all my furry friends in the canine community. This is Puggles, hotelier extraordinaire at your service. I know a lot of other mugs live in a kennel but my crib is absolutely amazing! You gotta see this place to believe it and that is my point.

Your Hosts David, Carolyn and Puggles

Castle of the Canines

Any pooch that has well-behaved parents can bring them when they stay with me in my Four-Star class Castle of the Canines. My parents, who bought this mutt mansion for me, are over 500 in doggy years. I am going to run the place when they retire. In the meantime, I have agreed to manage two of our seven luxury rooms to lighten their load. The Redbud and the Dogwood are now available for my fur buddies to stay with two human parents.

Redbud Room bed, table, desk and couch

The RedBud

The Redbud Room is our pet-friendly and ADA-friendly room. This wheelchair accessible room has a queen bed, large leather chair, bathtub, large shower with level floor and assist bars, and a balcony that overlooks the trout pond and the wooded hills.

The Dogwood bed and table

The Dogwood

The Dogwood Room is a pet-friendly room that has a queen bed, large leather chair and a beautiful balcony overlooking the trout pond. My favorite room (besides my own decked out suite) is the Dogwood for obvious reasons any mutt should be able to figure out.

Purple paisley tablecloth background

Dog-Friendly Dining

All of our suites now have dining room tables for two (three if you count yourself under the table). If you decide to treat your parents to the in room five-course wine dinner or the lighter fare casual menu get ready for some amazing licks of incredible grub.

I love everything on the menu but the salad unless it is loaded up with extra homemade dressing. The Crème Brûlée is to howl for. If your parents do, tell them to stop! Keep a close eye on them. Humans have been known to lick their own plates around here.

Crème Brûlée in a ramekin with a spoon
Dinner service at our pet friendly New York inn

Top Rated Pet-Friendly NY B&B

I know when we travel, my parents hate the inferior, smelly, worn out, fleabag rooms that are set apart at many places for dogs traveling with their families. If your parents had tails, they would be wagging just thinking about staying with you at the highest rated bed and breakfast in New York State in one of our meticulously clean, luxury guest rooms with hardwood floors at the human friendly Palace of the Pups!

Purple paisley tablecloth background

Pet-Friendly Policies

I won’t charge extra if you bring humans with you as long as they do not wee on the floor, chew on the furniture or howl at the moon. Be sure their rabies shots are up to date. If you see them scratching behind their ears with their toes please give them a flea bath before you come.

During your stay please do not leave humans unsupervised in your room and do not let them wander off without you. When you head out to do your business make sure your parents use the provided bags and disposal can. You can hang out with your parents anywhere on the grounds. When nature calls, have one of your parents pick it up and dispose of it in the designated area. Whenever you take your parents out of the room make sure you keep a leash on their hands so they do not wander off and get in trouble.

Puggles at our pet friendly upstate new york bed and breakfast

I’m Looking Forward to Your Visit!

Personally I have five beds around my mansion, but bought two more for my guests. Here I am inspecting one of those beds before a doggie guest checked in. Since my mom is over 500 I was thinking, “She’ll think she forgot to put a treat in the bowl if I grab it.” I probably was not the smartest pup in the litter to steal it while Beth was doing a photo shoot. Don’t worry, I’ll leave your treat for you.

Boy, is my tail wagging right now! I hope I have the privilege of sniffing serving you soon.

Stay safe my furry friends!
– Puggles, Innkeeper of the Palace of the Pups (Known to humans as River Spring Lodge)

Puggles signature and paw print