Perfect Sous Vide New York Strip Steaks

Perfect Sous Vide New York Strip Steaks


Dry Aged Prime Angus Beef
Dry Aged Prime Steak

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Today I am sharing my favorite steak recipe that I sometimes prepare for friends and family that gather around the Chef’s Table during the holidays. You will need a sous vide water oven to prepare this recipe. They are not very expensive and are sold at brick and mortar stores and online.

First, I purchase whole prime black angus striploins. Although I age my own, premium butcher shops offer both dry and wet aged steaks. The steaks I use are denuded New York strip steaks. Any prime or choice strip steak 2 inches thick can be prepared sous vide with excellent results. I dry age the whole boneless striploin for 30 to 35 days. Dry aging tenderizes beef in a natural flavor enhancing process. As beef ages and tenderizes a bark develops on the outside that needs to be trimmed away and discarded. After trimming this crust, I remove the fat cap and the attached gristle until nothing but fork tender beef remains. These steaks are trimmed like a filet mignon that is properly butchered. Nothing goes onto the plate but amazingly flavorful, tender beef.I take the steaks directly from the cooler and season both sides of them with kosher salt and black pepper.

Green Egg Char
Very Quick Char
Sous Vide Water Oven

Then I immediately char them very quickly at 500 to 600 degrees F over wood charcoal uncovered on my Big Green Egg. This very quick sear, about one minute on each side, adds some flavor and grill marks. I usually do this a day ahead and use the hot egg to cook something else for dinner that night. Charring can be skipped. The outside will be seared in a pan vey quickly just before serving. You can season the steaks and go directly to the next step. Next I vacuum seal the steaks individually in cooking bags and chill them until one hour or so before serving.


I place the steaks in a sous vide water oven preheated to 131 degrees F. The steaks slowly cook for one hour until they are medium rare throughout. Steaks can remain in the water oven up to three hours if dinner is delayed. When we are ready to eat, I remove the steaks from the bags and reserve the liquid for au jus when serving.

Then I sauté the steaks very quickly in a hot pan with drawn butter to crisp the exterior. Sometimes I add garlic and rosemary. These were served with red pepper jelly and demi glace so I did not add any aromatic herbs. I am keeping my mouth shut right now to protect my laptop. I am drooling like a mad dog in a butcher shop as I write my recipe for these incredible steaks.

Quick Sear in Butter












These are the reasons I prefer the sous vide method to traditional chargrilling sautéing or broiling

  • First, sous vide cooking allows you to reach your preferred temperature slowly which results in more tender results than those prepared with direct heat methods.
  • Second, as the marbling melts the fat and the moisture and hence the flavor remains in the bag making the steak tastier and juicier
  • Third, 90% of the steak is cooked to your preference with sous vide. If seared properly only 1/8 of an inch or so on the outsides will reach a higher temperature and a greater degree of doneness. If you use any direct heat method to reach an internal temperature of 131 degrees F everything except the very center will be cooked more. With sous vide I serve a more satisfying steak.
  • Fourth, I can butcher, char and seal the steaks in bags days ahead of time.
Amazing Steaks
Perfect Medium Rare
  • Fifth, the steaks cook to a perfect medium rare in water while I enjoy visiting with my dinner guests. I love to cook but I love spending time with my friends and family more.
  • Sixth, it is almost impossible to mess up sous vide steaks. Timing has to be perfect when you cook steak with direct heat methods.
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    Let me know how they turn out if you try it.
    Christmas Blessings,
    Chef David