An Amazing Evening of Music with Jim Drew

An Amazing Evening of Music with Jim Drew



Tuesday December 3, 2019 An Acoustic Rock Performance by Recording Artist Jim Drew

What an amazing evening of music we experienced with Jim Drew! Jim just returned from Nashville where he recorded six tracks for his next album with Phil Keaggy, Will McFarland and other members of the Blues Counsel. Jim is an incredible guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and music producer. More importantly, he is an incredible human being. He is a loyal friend and a fatherly mentor to aspiring singers, musicians and songwriters. Jim is in the process of moving His recording studio to River Spring to serve the growing network of artists that are finding each other and connecting at this beautiful inn and listening room. David

“Many singer-songwriters show supreme strength in a singular sound. On the other hand, Jim Drew’s talents are seemingly inexhaustible. He has garnered critical recognition as a talent manager, producer, and originator of what his website calls “pizza rock” — a filling phonic pie “topped with just about everything in the house. Some of it’s hot, some sweet, some spicy, some cheesy, but it’s all delicious.” Drew started his sonic sojourn as a toddler by singing in choirs, performing in musicals, and playing in bands with friends. His dedication to his craft has led to seven solo albums that showcase his eclectic and intriguing style.” Rochester City Newspaper

Click here to listen to “Raining in Sudan” one of my favorite Jim Drew Songs

Click here to listen to another one of my favorites “What He Did”

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