A room, a Wine Reception and a Concert Only $199 Weekdays $249 Weekends

Upstate New York/business meeting venue/River Spring Lodge Events | Upstate New York/business meeting venue/River Spring LodgePlan your couple’s concert escape to River Spring Lodge. Check into your luxury room then join other overnight guests in the lobby from 6:00 until 7:00 for an hors d’oeuvre, wine and beer reception followed by an up close and personal performance at 7:30. The receptions and concerts are sponsored by River Spring Ministries in support of the Charity Lawn Concert Series held each summer at River Spring Lodge. Artists for the Lobby Concerts are gleaned from our network of more than 300 nationally and internationally touring acts. Your couple’s  concert package includes, a luxury room, an hors d’oeuvre reception with wine and beer, the concert followed with warm cookies, coffee and tea and a three course breakfast. Reserve online Using Code SELECTCONCERT or call 585.708.4212. VIP Rooms and passes for the 2020 Summer Charity Lawn Concert Series will be available for purchase

October 22nd Singer Song Writer Rupert Wates

Rupert Wates was born in London and studied at Oxford University. In the late 1990’s, he signed a publishing deal with Eaton Music and worked for several years as their house songwriter. He moved to Paris in 2001, formed his own quartet and performed regularly in the city’s clubs. He came to the US in fall 2006. Since then he has received more than forty songwriting and performing awards. In 2015-17 alone, 25 of his songs were recorded by other artists. In addition to writing and recording, Wates plays over 120 live shows a year in venues all over America, in Canada and in Europe, and has appeared regularly on radio and TV. He prefers smaller, more intimate spaces, where the audience is up close, where true musicianship counts, and where real emotion can’t be faked.


“Man, this guy sings from the heart and then some!…Each song yanks the listener fully into the story and rhythms, not to mention an emotionality imbuing Wates’s plaintively melodic voice. Every cut is a gem, completely absorbing, enthralling, and thus we have a new and unique songwriter-musician already in the front ranks…Trust me, Rupert Wates is an exceedingly rare talent.” (Mark S. Tucker, FAME)

November 5th Nashville’s My One and Only “Southern-Soul and Curious-Grit”

Emotionally-honest lyrics accompanied by raw vintage guitars and the intimate harmonies that only life-long lovers could discover. My One And Only reaches into the expanses of their hearts to bring up lyrics that will cause you to wonder if they have been reading your diary.

Not only have they toured throughout America, but My One And Only has done two tours in Uganda, Africa, working in conjunction with a ministry there to produce youth conferences that incorporate music concerts, Bible teaching sessions and youth training. Their heart for broken families and orphaned children comes to light in their songwriting and in their between-song stories during live performances.

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